Home, where the heart is...

I've been meaning to upload some photos of our apartment and what it currently looks like. Every time I think of it I end up changing something. So here it goes, the purpose of this is so it can hopefully be recorded in the annals of my life and that I can hopefully look back and see how much things have changed. . If you've been reading before you may know that it's taken me years to actually unpack everything I own. At some point in 2012 I actually moved 5-6 times in the calendar year. Yes, it's time to settle down.  It has taken me years to purge through my mess and get rid of stuff. I am particularly proud of myself for donating 5 bags of clothes and bags to Goodwill last week. Woot woot! 

Here we see...
Antique trunk from craiglist
Ikea floral patterned rug
Walmart futton
Ikea floral cushions
Ikea bookshelf
Inherited floral painting from Miami, Fl (this painting is more than a century old!)

 My book and album collection
Architectural painting/composition on the far left
One of two plants that have managed to survive in our home

 Map of the world
2/2 plants that have survived at our home
My lovely antique telephone
A miniature collection of places visited and or wanting to visit.
i.e San Francisco Golden Gate
Jordan's Petra
Galicia's Mill storage 
Gaudi's Sagrada Familia
The great pyramids of Giza

 My collection of decorative plates and glassware
A favada Asturiana framed recipe on the far left

A view from the living room to the kitchen
A folded Maasai blanket from Kenya
Antique clock, gifted on our wedding
Collection of small figures
A view of our dining room table

Yet another view from the Main Living area

I have so many souvenirs from all my travels and so many different styles that is almost impossible to merge them all in one.
It'll be funny how things look back to these pictures after we get more real furniture and/or move on to a bigger place. 

Hope you enjoyed it!


Lazy days

Hmmm... getting up early on a rainy day, sitting back and taking in all the sounds is the best. Today I don't have to be anywhere. Today is new. Currently from my window I can see a small bird, can't tell which kind, but it's trying to find a spot around the house to stay warm and dry. I am very thankful to be inside and not out there. Luckily the poor creature has got God's promises to rely on.

Thoughts on winter: Last week I came back early from work, a rare occurrence, and convinced Harry to go for a walk. Although he warned me that it was too cold I insisted, mostly because I was so excited that it was 45 degrees outside, here in Maine that's a big deal. So we walked or shall we say we froze for half an hour and could not wait until we got home. I had not accounted for the strong winds. By the time we made it to our street we both had pounding headaches, and sat by our fireplace a.k.a. our car's front heaters defrosting. I think is safe to say that I won't be exploring the outdoors in the next month or two.

On the month of march: This month I did not have any scheduled days off at work. It's been busy and with tax preparations and church commitments it's flown by. This month brought about many changes, we renewed our lease at our place, I turned 25 and had a chance to see my grandfather who briefly visited from Cuba. Harry and I also had our first real guest over our home. His childhood friend from NYC came over to visit. We had a blast, took him sightseeing, shopping, saw the Portland Headlight at night (so cold!) and explored some of the cities small yet delicious restaurants. I am starting to feel a little bit more confident about taking others to "tour" the highlights of Maine. Also during this month I attended my first "Pastor's wives retreat", although skeptical at first since I thought I had nothing in common with these ladies other than the title and the age difference was ginormous, I was pleasantly surprise. I had a really good time pouring over mission trip photo albums, listening to inspirational stories, sharing our daily struggles and overall networking. It's hard to get all of us together in the same place since our conference extends to three states, but I am really excited for Camp Meeting in June and Pastor's Famil retreat in August where I'll get to see them again. On professional development I attended my first Primary Care Days hosted by UMass Memorial in Massachusetts and got updates on a lot of new medical guidelines. So excited to be finally called a Primary Care Provider.

This weekend: I had the pleasure of hearing the Pinetree Academy Bell ringers for the first time and, also trying some bells myself. I think I made a fool of myself in front of a bunch of teenagers but Oh well, I can scratch that off my bucket list ha!
Also attended the Beauty and the Beast Jr. play enacted by middle schoolers from Woolwich, ME. They did an amazing job and had Harry and I singing along most of the songs. I loved the Mob Song "And 50 frenchmen can't be wrong... let's kill the beast!"  It was hilarious!

Discoveries: I visited The Still Life Consignment store and got some killer antique shutters that I am really excited to integrate at home. Also made friends with the owner of Furniture and More, also in Hudson, MA. It's crazy how one can live in the same place for years and never get to know the local shops. I literally went by her store every day twice a day and never stopped by. Now that I don't live in MA is when I made up my mind to stop there. Weird huh?

I'm still slowly but surely working on updating the website and figuring out how to upload all the pictures etc...

That's all folks!


Late night reflection

Late night post, I am tucked in bed while the wind blows outside. Undoubtedly another snow storm here in Maine, or what I affectionately like to call Winter Wonderland. I am reflecting on the last year, so much change...

It's crazy how many tries I've given to this blogging thing. I fell in love with the idea back in 2012 while following Say Yes (formerly Say Yes to Hoboken) and while living in Michigan, Miami and Massachusetts and a few weeks in Cali. I have always loved photography and expressing myself, blogging just seemed to connect the dots. But something would stop me, a form of guilt deep within, it just seemed "wrong" in a way to be dedicating time to blogging when I was still very busy at finishing my Master's degree, once I finished my schooling I was still studying for the Boards, and once I passed that, I would study just to keep up with the medical guidelines for the ten months that it took preparing my wedding, getting married, moving to Maine and finding a Job. 
It's a little scary to put it in writing but I feel that Nursing hijacked my life for a good 6 years or so. 

This month makes my fourth month working as a nurse practitioner and although I am slowly filling in those big shoes, I feel less guilty at having hobbies and interest that don't revolve around nursing. 
For instance, I am blessed to have next week off and will use the time to relax and catch up in sleep (specially since this flu season has hit me pretty hard).

Old habits die hard, so I'll be putting in some time with my newfound love "Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology", the best out there for prescribing psychotropic drugs....but back to blogging.

I feel motivated to keep a healthier balance in my life, one step at the time.

Goals accomplished this week:
- Made 3-4 healthy meals that my husband loved :-) 
- completely organized my room (I can hear my echo)
-rearranged the living room (options limited)
- read out loud Genesis 1 in the Greek Septuagint ( this is no small feat, although I only understand about 5% of vocabulary, excited to brush off more this week).
- Filed my taxes
- found joy on picking up a book from my husband's extensive library and read it while watching snow fall (lots of that happening lately)
-convinced my uncle to visit this week

Ah, this is the short list, I find it much more effective to list the things accomplished than a big To do list of unattainable items, it's so discouraging. 

Finally, why the picture with fabric patterns? I just wanted you to get an idea of what is surrounding me at this very moment. A floral duvet cover from IKEA and two sparkly curtains from my trip to India in 2008. Nothing beats how the light reflect off the sequins.

Always visual, Always curious

Happy New year! - Out with the old, In with the new!

My blog has seen maybe 3 posts from me in 2013. My goodness last year flew by!
As I reflect on my headache and sore throat I can't help but think about last year. Right around this time, I was also suffering from a cold. I guess that's how you know it's been a great year, when at the end you have given it your best...and your body just crashes. Here are some highlights of 2013,

January- moved back to MA, leaving Florida behind.
February- Harry proposed!
March- passed the Nurse practitioner boards, I am now a FNP-BC
April- visited Miami to celebrate my best friend's graduation of her masters degree. So proud of you Eli!
May- June- hard work and big time wedding preparations
July- our wedding, honeymoon in Cape Cod and moving to Maine.
August- being introduced to two amazing church families and exploring Maine a bit more.
September- traveled to California for our dear friends Vladimir wedding.
October- started working on my first job as a nurse practitioner. 
November- time to give thanks, and many projects for the holiday season.
December- spent with family both in MA and NYC. Time to reflect on the year to come.

Honestly, I am not gonna bother writing a long list of resolutions this year, I am gonna take it one day at the time, living each day to the fullest, giving thanks to God when I am tired, because that means I have a job and the energy to do things, just relishing the small moments. 

Let's see how it goes! 



Hi there! I’ve missed the blogging world so much in the last few months, I don’t think I have posted many things since I moved back to Massachusetts in January.

Let’s review what we’ve been up to the last couple months. While single, I moved back home with my parents from Miami, FL (I will miss the heat), after a sweet proposal from my longtime boyfriend, we decided to set the date for a mid summer wedding. What followed was months of preparations, DIYs details and many butterflies in my stomach. All the work and effort came together on July 21st, 2013. It was at this beautiful ceremony that Harry and I exchanged wedding vows, and I officially went through with the biggest decision in my life (Somewhere in between following Jesus as my savior and choosing to do nurse practitioner instead of dentistry).

 I felt so blessed to have the support of all my family and loved friends from all over the states and even from Cuba, my home country for the special day. It was filled with tears, smiles and mixed emotions, but overall, it was priceless. So there you have it, I am now Ms. Gomez for all intends and purposes, and I love it.

 We’ve since moved to the beautiful state of Maine, stepped in my new role as a Pastor’s Wife and even started interviewing for Nurse Practitioner positions in the area. While still trying to settle down, opening boxes, fighting a fruit-fly infestation and forever forgetting to write those thank you cards, we have seen God’s hand leading.

 It is crazy if you think about it, all the twists and turns the road took to get where I am at. I am excited and thrilled about what the future holds..


New day

It's morning...the birds are chirping and the sunlight is coming into my room. After all those days of stress and wedding planning, nobody can blame me for not wanting to get up. I can see the beautiful day it is through the window shades. Is it possible that I might be catching yet another cold in the middle of the spring? My sore throat says yes... Up I go to join those who woke up before me. It is a new day :-)


Reflections from Atlanta

Sitting down facing the window of Atlanta's major airport, I look up as plane by plane take off. It never ceases to amaze me how a cylinder of steel and metal can shoot up into the air with people in it, capable of arriving safely to its destination. The world of aerodynamics is so complex and yet humans have made a business out of what was once only a dream... It makes me think that even dreams or ideas that are not feasible in the foreseeable future can one day be realized. I am inspired to Never give up dreaming!!! With God's help anything is possible :-). Have a blessed day... From Atlanta


Welcome back!

Can you believe its been almost five months since I blogged for the last time?
Needless to say it has been a very busy period of my life. Ever since leaving Miami, life has really taken off. Harry, my now fiance, got a full time job pastoring on the East Coast of Maine, he proposed on February 14th, 2013, right after we had a minor fender bender! Not the most romantic setting but it was very cute and totally made my day! The big day is coming up rather fast, on Sunday July 21st, here in Massachusetts. Its less than three months away!!!

Wedding planning, along with relocating from Miami to Massachusetts temporarily, having all my belongings still packed, studying to pass my Family Nurse Practitioner Boards and applying for a job in Maine have truly taken all of my time. I am so excited at the prospect of moving to Maine, and having our very first place together. Harry moved into one of the most beautiful, spacious, and full of light Victorian apartments with a ceiling that is “envidiable”. I already know where I will set up my craft table and have space to sew and display my souvenirs. I am even more excited about not having to move again in the near future once we get married! 

Becoming a Pastor’s wife will not come without it challenges but I am certain that God will provide a way for me to grow closer to him. I am so thankful at how this year has turned out in comparison to last year, and at all the great opportunities that seem to be coming our way. 

Below are a few pictures of my last few months, lots of hard work finally paid off when I became a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner on March 14th! God is good.
For those of you that are not familiar with my journey and the events last year, it went something like this:
Dec/11- My dear aunt who I considered a second mother, tragically passed away after a car accident while in Cuba on December 5th.

Feb/12 - Going to Hyden, KY for an intensive week of pre-clinical exams

Feb/12 - Moving to Berrien Springs, MI to complete my FNP clinicals

Mar/12 - My aunt in Spain got diagnose metastatic breast cancer. 

Mar/12- April/12 - traveled to Spain with my mother and sister to visit my aunt.

May/12- Moved back to Massachusetts as the clinical situation in Michigan did not work out. 
July/12- Moved to Miami, FL to continue my FNP clinicals
Sept/12 - Experienced the death of my second aunt who had metastatic breast cancer.

Oct/12 - Went to El Centro, CA to complete part of my FNP clinicals

Dec/12 - Graduated from Frontier Nursing University

Jan/13 - Moved back to Massachusetts

Mar/13 - Became a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Needless to say, I am craving stability and cannot wait to settle down. This last year can only speak wonders of what God has done in my life, even on my darkest moments, when I thought I could not go on, he held me tight and gave me courage to keep going. I am very thankful to be done with school, and come out of it with my sanity intact. 

Currently, I am on an airplane Miami-bound, trying to make it my best friend’s graduation tomorrow. I am so proud of her!!
It is great to catch up with the blog. I will do my best to keep it updated in the next few weeks. 


I have finally made it to Visually Curious this year!. Happy 2013!!! I am like 9 days behind but I feel like I am fashionably late
What a year 2012 has been! I am very thankful for all it has taught me.
A little summary of 2012
-It was the year that I decided to take blogging seriously
-It’s got to have been the year that I traveled and moved the most:
-Massachusetts to Michigan
-Michigan to London, UK and Coruña, Spain
-Michigan to Massachusetts
-Massachusetts to Miami
-Moved in Miami 3 times!!
-Miami to El Centro, San Diego and Los Angeles, CA
-Miami to Bahamas
-Miami to Orlando a few times
-and the whole trip back to Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. 
-It was the first time I got to live on my own in an apartment.
-I experienced adult responsibilities and had to make many decisions on my own.
-I also experienced the power of God working through, with and in me and my life. 

 2013 brings a new beginning and a Fresh Start. 
A little update about my life in 2013.  
  • I moved from Miami and I am back in Massachusetts.
  • I was graduated from Frontier Nursing University with my Family Nurse Practitioner Master’s of Science in Nursing!!
  • I had a spectacular time in Florida, specially towards the end, Christmas season although stressful was very fun! we got to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando.
  • Something unique happened that opened this year, I had never driven from South Florida to Maine in a period of 48 hours. That’s gotta be a personal record, almost the entire east U.S. coast line in 48 hours wow. Too bad I was mostly sick for that trip, I am still recovering. 
  • This year is full of promises, I really would like to continue growing my blog, but for that   I need organization skills. 
  • Sincerely, Kinsey was reading my mind when she published this recent post. Check it out here.
-Anyhow, I will be back with tons of pictures to share! Can you believe that 1/3 of January is gone!? What are your plans for this year? Any fun new years’ resolutions?
I have a whole three pages of it, and plan to make it into a poster that I can refer to during the year.:) see you next time!


Recap from Last week

Last week I went for the first time to Key Biscayne and I wanted to share some pictures with you. How was your thanksgiving? I actually spent the day at the Key and then headed to a friend's house with my uncle for dinner. We watched a Cantinflas movie "El Padrecito", it's an Univision tradition. Hope you like these! Enjoy!


Happy Sabbath

Have you felt tired this week? Have you felt the weight of your work, and engagements and could not wait to take one day off? Fear not! God has provided a day for you to rest. Take a look at this:

Exodus 20:8-11

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, you, or your son, or your daughter, your male servant, or your female servant, or your livestock, or the sojourner who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.

Isn't it great that God made provision for you and gave you a special time each week to rest?  Let's enjoy this special day!


Casa Panza + Flamenco

pictures by Daniel Prevost and Liliet Prevost

I had the chance to go eat at Casa Panza, a Spanish style restaurant that offers live flamenco music and dancers on the weekends. I had a one of a kind veggie paella that was so yummy! I cannot wait to go back again. If you are interested in finding out more look them up, they are located in Miami, FL


Checking in from study land

Currently pouring all my energy in passing my final tests and boards to graduate from Frontier Nursing University. Have traveled a lot in the last few months and hope to share some pictures in the future. In the meantime, Kinsey is sharing some pictures of her time covering a wedding in India. It makes me remember my own trip to India a few years ago. Would love to go back to visit and rediscover it through my Nikon DSLR camera lens ~!


What I've been up to

Let’s see... this last couple weeks have been packed with new sights, a few dear friend’s birthdays and plenty of activities, (including jellyfish sting).  

First up, how about some hot chocolat to cozy up and snuggle read?


Hmm... well I got to go to The Book of Ruth, a play about a young jewish girl living in Poland during the Nazi invasion. It was heartbreaking to watch her tearful goodbyes with her mother as she was quickly shipped to Argentina to save her life.

What was so interesting was that the story was told through the foggy memories of an elderly woman with advanced dementia. 
A recurrent theme in the play was best put when the character told her son “It doesn’t matter if I am imagining things or not, what is the difference?, It is real to me” 

I also got to celebrate a few birthday parties. Happy Birthday Eli and Lisette!

Finally ended up going to La Carreta Cuban Restaurant where this latin mural caught my eye...

Lately I’ve been really interested in making DIY involving buttons.
Here is a first try at a photo journal.

taste of Home

pretty palm trees


the warmest beach in the planet

awesome view.


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